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Founded in 1977 with roots from the 50's

Founder Jerry Reid managed Eastlands 5&10 at the age of 16
Jerry Reid found himself managing his first retail store (Easlands 5&10) at the age of 16 when the existing manager had left leaving the store with no manager. As a dedicated stock boy he knew the product and how to manage it therefore he was asked to fill the position.

Soon after his father Raymond Reid along with his brother Sam started Reid's Sportsman Center in the late 1950's in Killeen Texas. Jerry soon moved to Dallas to manage an F.W.Woolworths store where he met future wife Linda.

In 1976 Jerry Reid worked for a Texas based drugstore chain known as Skillern's Drug. After 16 years as a top producing manager he and his candy salesman Bill Gage began a small partnership by investing twenty dollars on closeout merchandise and selling it on the weekends by having "Sales" at vacant gas stations and fleamarkets. Products consisted of mostly household goods, personal care and toys.

Reids Sportsman Center Killeen Tx

Jerry Reid with Father and brother in first venture in 1950's

By re-investing all of the profits on more closeout merchandise, they soon had more merchandise than they could carry in the van Jerry and wife Linda  purchased to transport the products, however a permanent "place" to have the "sales" would soon be needed - thus the name "The Saleplace".

The van that product was carried to "sales" with in 1977

Jerry and Linda purchased a small wood framed house in 1977 and had it moved next to their home in the county near Mesquite and the first "Saleplace" location was established. By continuing to re-invest all profits the inventory again outgrew the facility and the business moved six months later to a ten thousand square foot metal building located on Belt Line Rd in Mesquite. The product line now included furniture, electronics, silk and plastic flowers, wedding supplies, and cake decorating supplies.

The original "Saleplace" in 1977

Jerry and Greg Reid 
Jerry and Greg in 1979
The Reid's have been closely involved with sports and team spirit fundraising since the beginning. As a coach and president of a "PeeWee" football organization, Jerry discovered the great need for teams to raise funds and became very innovative with methods of fundraising. This early experience with team sports helped influence the product line The Saleplace would one day become so well known for.

The business became known to many as "The Barn" due the barn like appearance of the building. Jerry and Linda soon after bought the Gages half of the business in order for Jerry to quit his Skillern's management position and dedicate himself full time to the growing business. Daughter Teresa and son Greg were involved in the business from the beginning as well - helping put out merchandise at the "sales" as well as helping out in "The Barn". 
Teresa Reid Vintage Mum
Teresa with mum in 1978

Saleplace - TheBarn

Often called "The Barn" from 1978-1991

Linda had the been making Teresa's football mums since she was in Jr High in 1977.  By the time Teresa entered high school, the Saleplace wedding design department added football mums to the list of services. This rapidly exploded in popularity and the store began selling Homecoming Mum supplies to the public for the "do-it-yourselfer". This fit perfectly with the path The Saleplace had been pursuing with its product lines - providing products not previously available to the public and providing it for the crafty do-it-yourselfer. The demand for this product increased not only by the public but by florists as well. 

Reid Wholesale was created to service the need for homecoming supplies and floral supplies to the industry. Teresa joined the business full time after high school in 1982. After fourteen years the business again had outgrown its location and re-located in 1991 following Greg's graduation from Baylor University.
Teresa Reid 1980 Mesquite High Vintage Mum

Teresa with Mum in 1980 

Saleplace 1991 Balch Springs Tx
Relocated in 1991 to a 20,000 sqft vacant Safeway Grocery Store Building
The twenty thousand square foot grocery store building that had become available in Balch Springs was the perfect location with plenty of space to grow. It was located right on LBJ Freeway and provided easy access for those customers that were traveling from far away as this unique store had gained in popularity. The decision to focus on the wedding line was made and the addition of wedding gowns and tuxedo rentals soon followed. The Saleplace soon became well known as "The Wedding Superstore". Homecoming mum sales continued to climb as well and the store was servicing over one hundred high schools in North Texas and the store was the original "Homecoming Headquarters".

Today The Saleplace draws customers from hundreds of miles away and even out of state. It remains un-matched with its enormous selection of Homecoming Mum supplies, Floral and Florist Supplies, Wedding Supplies, and Wilton Cake Supplies. It boasts the largest selection of full bolt ribbon in all of North Texas. Party Supplies has been added back to the line of products as well as its growing selection of craft supplies.

Teresa Hobbs is a full time owner/manager along with her husband Frank. Amanda Coleman (Teresa's daughter) is now office manager and her husband Derick helps when not on route with UPS (their son Dakota and daughter Hannah will soon be fourth generation to the business). Jody Wadsworth, a long time friend of the family, joined the business in 1995 a few years after he graduated from Baylor University with a degree in management. Greg and wife Lisa have created Monster Spirit in order to manufacture and market products to the team spirit industry. They are assisted by sons Mitchell, Jason and daughter Chloe.

    Saleplace Billboard

 Jody Wadsworth Saleplace Manager   



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Saleplace Founder 
Linda Reid gone
but not forgotten.

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